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Specializing in the production of fluorine-containing compounds and pharmaceutical intermediates

Dongyang Flysun Fluoro Chem Co.,Ltd. is situated in the middle of the province of Zhejiang----Dongyang City where is well known as the "Hometown of rich fluorspar". As a middle ---sized enterprise speciality in producing fluoro-chemicals and medicine intermediates. It has build area 15000m2 first-graed standard building on about 47000m2. Our company have one hundred people, the doctor's degree have two people, senior worker have five people, the other engineering technical people have more than 40. It has a strong technical force and has also established long-term close cooperation with some universities and colleges, research instiutes more than five new fluoro-products have been put into production every year.

Our company has become a worldwide supply base of fluoro-products. We are providing more than 30 kinds of productions for many big chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies all around the world. Our customers are distributed over Europe, North America, Middle East counties, Japan, Korea etc Counties and areas. We have been authorized to deal in foreign trade business. The brand of "flysun"has become famous brand in the fluoro-chemical field.

Our principal objective is to belight our customers and attaches a great importance to quality, credibility and environmental protection during its operation. Your patronage is greatly appreciated....[Read More]

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